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3020 N Broadway Ave. Suite 200 Rochester, MN 55906

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We have the largest selection of quality CBD products in Rochester! Plus we now have Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC Products!

We strive to have the most unique and high quality blown glass art. Check out our selection of dry pipeswater pipesglass pendants, CBD Productsecigs & vaporizers.

Our address is 3020 N Broadway Ave. Suite 200 Rochester, MN 55906.

You must be 21 or older to purchase tobacco products in Olmsted County. We ID.

Best CBD store in Rochester MN 2021

Voted Best CBD Store in Rochester for 2021!

The Melting Clock was named the best CBD store in Rochester for 2021 by Post Bulletin's Best of the Best. We are proud to display this award in our store and on the website. Our goal is to help you find the best CBD products that fits your needs. Talk to us today about all the great benefits CBD can have. Although CBD is not FDA approved, many people have enjoyed its pain management and healing attributes.

We now have legal THC hemp based products!

Clock Cash Rewards

Clock Cash is a small green chip that can be redeemed towards purchases at The Melting Clock. Spend $50 or more; during one visit at the store to earn a $4 token to use on your next visit. Spend $100 or more; during one visit at the store to earn a $10 token to use next time. Clock Cash is given out almost daily excluding special sales holidays and other promotional days.

Puffco Peak Devices and Attachments Now In Stock!

Vision Puffco Peak

Puffco Peak Pros and Docking Stations Are In!

Happy customers is our staffs primary goal. We can answer all your questions regarding ecigs and vaporizers and also get you the replacement parts you need such as batteries and coils. Stop into The Melting Clock Glass Art Gallery today and see our top ecigs and vaporizer brands. We also have replacement batteries, coils, atomizers and other replacement parts for your E-cigarette or vaporizer unit. We carry many replacement batteries for various e-cig units and can help you get the right part for your setup.

The Melting Clock - Quality CBD Tinctures and Oils

Check out our ever expanding line of CBD products. CBD helps with joint pain, sleep and relaxation. There are many ways to enjoy CBD from edible candies such as CBD gummies, to hemp flower, to vaporizing it. There are even CBD oils and bath products. Find out more here.

CBD products are becoming very popular. We even have CBD products for your pet to help them relax, feel good and reduce anxiety, just like what it does for most people. We have a large selection of CBD products, stay tuned for more videos that will describe the great characteristics of various CBD products and understanding other aspects about this new industry, so that you can be informed and get the right product that fits your needs.

The Melting Clock Smoke Shop now has legal THC hemp based products. Stop in our store today and pick up our quality Delta 8 and Delta 9 gummies, beverages, bud flower, creams and more. Our staff is always here to help you with questions and finding the best products for you.

Please Note - CBD & THC and other cannabinoids is not FDA approved and is not intended or proven to treat, cure or prevent health issues and diseases.

Best Glass Art Gallery In Southern Minnesota

The Melting Clock takes pride in its large selection of glass art such as water pipes, dry pipes, pendants, carb caps and more. We feature many elite artists from California, Minnesota, Wisconsin and more. Our pipes and pieces are inspirational and eye catching, as well as functional.

If you are looking for more of a traditional piece we have many different styles that fit any budget!

Disposable E-Cigs and Vaporizers

We Have the Best E-Cig & Vaporizer Brands and Great Tasting E-Liquid

We have quality e-cigarette and vaporizer units. We sell top brands that strive for customer satisfaction and durability. The Melting Clock has so many bottles of great tasting e-liquid tobacco. Find your favorite flavor today. Not into tobacco? We have plenty of CBD items that can be vaped as well.

Need Replacement Batteries For Your Vape Pen Or E-Cig?

With usage, all vaporizers and e-cigs wear down or sometimes break. If you need a new replacement battery, coils, heads, atomizers for your unit, The Melting Clock has you covered! We have many replacement parts. Bring in your unit and we can help you get the parts you need to get it running again as it should.