CBD oil has risen in popularity over the past year, in the United States. CBD oil is a natural compound that many have tried and have gotten some health benefits from. Although these products are not FDA approved and have no guarantees, they have helped many people with pain management, anxiety, rest and relaxation and more.

CBD is a 100% natural occurring compound. It is found in both Hemp and Marijuana plants. It cannot get you high. THC is what gets you high. The CBD sold at The Melting Clock comes from hemp. Meaning it has .3% or less THC in it. This is the legal amount of THC a hemp product can have in Minnesota and Nationally. The CBD compound is what is been known to help some users with sleep, pain, anxiety and more.

The effects of CBD are not toxic and are not psychoactive. It is simply meant to help your body. CBD oil may have the potential to help with many health related issues such as pain, inflammation, anxiety, sleep issues and more.


CBD oil is the end product that is extracted from the hemp plant. It is the pure CBD that is extracted from the raw plant itself. The oil allows for easy interaction with the body.

The Melting Clock Smoke Shop has many types and brands of CBD oil. We have the knowledge to help you make the right choice that works for you. CBD has become a popular item around Minnesota and we have the largest selection of high quality CBD products in Rochester Minnesota. We also can help answer any questions you have regarding dosage amounts and what type of CBD would work best for you. There are many ways to enjoy CBD without smoking it, such as edible CBD gummies and CBD tinctures. Plus bath balms, CBD creams and ointments and many other quality products.