The Melting Clock is your friendly CBD Store

The Melting Clock Glass Art Gallery and Smoke Shop has the largest selection of CBD products in Rochester and Southeast Minnesota. From tinctures, to e-liquids, candies, skin products, pet products and more, CBD is becoming a very popular item.

The first CBD video by The Melting Clock is understanding the labeling behind CBD products, that way you know how much milligrams or milliliters is on a package, and per dose. As with any other supplement, it is important to understand dosages which starts with understanding the label.

Illuminati Glass - CBD Extracts at The Melting Clock Smoke Shop Rochester Minnesota

Have you tried CBD Gummies or CBD Candy?

CBD gummies or gummys are delicious and are delicious and can help you relax or even get some sleep. Some gummies even have Melatonin added to them as well for an even more restful experience. The candy flavors make CBD more enjoyable and still gives you that relaxing experience.

CBD Gummies of all flavors at The Melting Clock Smoke Shop and Glass Art Gallery

The staff at The Melting Clock Glass Art Gallery and Smoke Shop is trained to help you find the CBD that works for you, from CBD Gummies, CBD Hemp Flower, creams and oils and even CBD treats for your pet! CBD is very new to Minnesota and there is so many brands and types out there. We can answer any of the questions you have about this new health trend.

The Melting Clock has had CBD Gummies for as long as they have been available in Minnesota. We have tried many brands and we sell the ones we think are of the finest quality. CBD Gummies and other edibles can help you relax at night and get some sleep. It is also can help with joint pain. CBD Gummies are a gummy candy flavor, so ingesting the CBD is tasty. Obviously you need to be over 18 to use any CBD products in the state of Minnesota (Soon the law in Olmsted County for anything smoking related will be 21. Please follow all laws in your area.

CBD Hemp Flower sold at The Melting Clock Smoke Shop and Glass Art Gallery in Rochester MN

CBD Hemp Flower is now available. This bud flower comes from 100% legal hemp and is a high percentage CBD to help with ailments and relaxation. CBD hemp flower is legal and has very minimal to no THC. Again our CBD Hemp Flower follows the laws and regulations set forth by the state of Minnesota. You must be over 18 years of age to enter The Melting Clock Glass Art Gallery and Smoke Shop and you must be able to provide ID if requested. We card because its the law!

CBD Oils are another great health product. Ask us about the health benefits and uses of this alternative health product. Sold in health food stores, CBD oils can be an essential part of your wellness and zen state of mind.

CBD Oils and CBD tinctures sold at The Melting Clock Smoke Shop in Rochester MN
Questions about CBD products? Contact The Melting Clock Glass Art Gallery and Smoke Shop

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Check out our Youtube channel for more advice regarding CBD including health benefits, product knowledge and other useful tips.