Are you looking for an easy and smoke free way to enjoy CBD? Try CBD Tinctures! 

Now that hemp has become legal in Minnesota, CBD Tinctures is starting to become a very popular way to enjoy the benefits of CBD without smoking or vaping it. With CBD Oil Tinctures you can use the droplet to put a few drops of CBD oil in your favorite drink, on your food or directly into your mouth.

The Melting Clock - Quality CBD Tinctures and Oils

The Melting Clock Smoke Shop has many quality brands of CBD Tinctures. We have many flavors to choose from and non-flavored oil as well, so you can mix your tincture drops with your favorite beverage. Some other common flavors are mint, blueberry, raspberries, tropical flavors and more.
The CBD tincture includes a droplet that makes it easy to estimate the doses you are taking of this CBD product. They have been used to help with chronic pain, insomnia, sleep issues, increasing appetite, anxiety and a more relaxed feeling. CBD is not FDA approved and does not work for everyone, but many people of all ages have found that CBD helps with their pain management, sleep issues and helping them relax.

The Melting Clock Smoke Shop has the largest selection of CBD products in Rochester Minnesota. We are located on Elton Hills drive and we strive to help you get the right products for your needs. We have a relaxed, professional focus on great customer service. Some of our favorite CBD tincture products we sell include: Savage CBD, Urth CBD, Illuminati Hemp, Hemp Bombs and more. We are always looking for quality products to offer, as we never settle for products that are not up to our standards.

Stop by our shop today and let’s get you setup with some great CBD products to help your pain management and help you relax and sleep more!

CBD Tinctures are smoke free! Shop at The Melting Clock