Try CBD Creams for Pain and Muscle Relief

The Melting Clock has a refined selection of CBD creams and body lotions that can help rejuvenate the skin. They can also help with pain and other skin and body issues. CBD body lotions are great for massages and body care.

This is a great way to try CBD. Since you are only applying it on your skin, there is no way to get high even if the product has levels of THC in it. Many people of all ages have found that CBD creams and lotions help with their pain and inflammation issues.

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CBD ointments are made from infusing high quality hemp flowers in some kind of oil. Typically a high quality coconut or olive oil. The hemp extracts can be fully CBD based or a full spectrum CBD. Full spectrum CBD means that their is a small but legal amount of THC in the product. The amount of THC is legal and won't get you high, but may aid in pain relief or inflammation similar to the CBD itself. The oils are then blended with other essential therapeutic herbs like arnica or lemongrass. Well known pain relievers that blend well with the CBD. This makes for a great ointment that has potential to help with your pain issues.

Many massage therapy professionals and sports trainers are starting to use and suggest CBD for their clients for muscle pain and other issues. Although CBD is not FDA approved and is not guaranteed to work for everyone, some users have found mild to significant pain relief while using this product.

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Lotions and creams are meant to take topically unlike CBD oil but still give great health benefits to your skin and body and can provide some pain management.

The FDA has not approved any CBD products or their health claims.