Stylish Glass Dry Pipes Only At The Melting Clock In Rochester

Glass Dry Pipe - Sammy Flowers Rainbow Jailhouse Dry Hammer
Sammy Flowers Double Layered Dry Hammer Dry Pipe
Sammy Flowers Pink Orange Red White Linework Sherlock Glass Dry Pipe

The Melting Clock has a large selection of one of a kind glass dry pipes. We have stylish pieces from artists on the West Coast, Midwest and Locally near Rochester Minnesota. These pieces are unique, high quality statement pieces.

We also have a huge selection of classic dry pipes of all price levels. If you are looking for a great functional piece or even a cheap replacement piece, we have you covered. Our stock is always changing and we strive to keep a crazy level of stock so stop by for great deals and find the piece that is right for you!

The Melting Clock shelf of dry pipes from glass artists