We strive to have the most unique and high quality blown glass art. Check out our selection of hand pipes, water pipes, pendants, golf discs, ecigs & vaporizers.

Happy customers is our staffs primary goal. We can answer all your questions regarding ecigs and vaporizers and also get you the replacement parts you need such as batteries and coils. Stop into The Melting Clock Glass Art Gallery today and see our top ecigs and vaporizer brands.

Check out our ever expanding line of CBD products. CBD helps with joint pain, sleep and relaxation. There are many ways to enjoy CBD from edible candies to vaporizing it.

We find the best quality hand and water pipes from local artists and from artists all over the United States. Style and craftsmanship are important qualities to custom glass art and The Melting Clock has many pieces that will catch your eye! Stop in and ask about the uniqueness of your favorite glass art piece.

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Featured Products

Koji Glass Pink Slyme Spacetech Mini Tube with Opal $650

Andy G OJ Wig Wag Banger Hanger with Opal Marble $750

Sammy Flowers Spiral Staircase Neckwrap Minitube with illuminati horn and blu-v accents (10mm)

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