Urth has a wide range of high quality CBD products. The Melting Clock is proud to sell URTH CBD. Many customers have found URTH CBD to help them with their pains, anxieties and other issues, plus they enjoy the flavors. URTH uses third party labs to test the quality and quantity of CBD in their products. This insures that get the highest quality CBD. This is why this is a customer favorite. The Melting Clock sales team is here to help you answer any questions you have regarding CBD. We sell Urth’s Full Spectrum Distillates and Hemp Seed Oil Tinctures. The Distillates are a fan favorite around here with 5 great flavors of terpenes to choose from that give their own health benefits.

Quality Products by URTH CBD


URTH’s CBD distillate and hemp seed oil tincture is combined with natural peppermint flavoring. This smooth and minty taste enhances the gastrointestinal calming effects, as well as, stress relieving qualities.

All Natural

Urth’s un-adulterated CBD distillate and hemp seed oil. This natural flavor and the benefits received are uncompared.

URTH CBD Products - Full Spectrum Distillates and Tinctures

Difference between Full Spectrum CBD and CBD Isolates

CBD Isolates:

  • Pure CBD
  • No THC or other cannabinoids
  • Typically doesn’t include plant compounds, such as terpenes
  • Processed further than full spectrum CBD
  • Delivers straight CBD

Full Spectrum CBD:

  • Contains CBD and other naturally occurring plant compounds
  • Contains less than 0.3 percent THC (when derived from hemp)
  • Undergoes fewer processes than CBD isolate
  • Works in synergy with THC and other plant compounds

Girl Scout Cookie

This full spectrum distillate helps with pain relief and hunger. This OG crossbreed can help with aches, injuries and soreness.



Sleepiness and Relaxation are the main benefits that some customers have received from this full spectrum distillate. Granddaddy may cause a calming effect that helps you drift off to a deeper sleep with those sheep.

Pineapple Express

This is a tasty distillate. This hard-hitting sativa dominant hybrid has been known to provide nausea relief and may help you gain an appetite.


Sour Diesel

Wow this one can energize! This fast-acting strain can deliver an energetic buzz perfect for productive afternoons and creative escapes. Try this one while getting something done around the house, or painting a mural.


Relaxation and anxiety has the potential to melt away with the OG full spectrum distillate. OG can evoke feelings of happiness while reducing the feeling of stresses in your life.

More information about URTH CBD products at their website.

How to Take a CBD Tincture

Taking a CBD tincture sublingually (under the tongue) is one of the most potent applications of CBD. Tinctures are super concentrated and should be in minimal doses. Here’s how to dosage a CBD tincture sublingually:

STEP 1: Squeeze the rubber top of the dropper to collect the tincture. Most come with a built-in dropper. If the one you have doesn’t, you can use an eye dropper.

STEP 2: Tilt your head back slightly, open your mouth, and lift your tongue.

STEP 3: Drop the appropriate amount of the liquid underneath your tongue. The amount of CBD you should take will depend on factors such as your weight, type of tincture, and why you’re taking CBD. However, 3-5 drops are how much most people consume.

STEP 4: Let the liquid sit under your tongue for 30 seconds to a minute and a half. Taking CBD sublingually allows you to feel the effects of CBD the fastest because there are capillaries in your mouth and dropping the CBD tincture under your tongue will enable it to go directly into your membranes and the bloodstream.

STEP 5: Swallow the rest. Don’t worry, anything that doesn’t get absorbed under your tongue will go into your digestive tract.

There’s also the option of putting CBD tinctures in your food or drinks. However, infusing a few drops in your soup or morning coffee, the effects are not as immediate as when you take it sublingually.

How to Use CBD Oil Cartridges

If you already know how to use a vape pen or are interested in trying them, cartridges are the perfect way for you to take your CBD. Cartridges are cylindrical vape tanks that are pre-filled with CBD distillate. Most vape pens are composed of a battery, heating chamber/atomizer, mouthpiece, a charger, and use sub-ohm oils.

Here’s how to load your vape pen with CBD cartridge:

STEP 1: Remove the cartridge from the battery and unscrew the mouthpiece.

STEP 2: Screw in the pre-filled CBD oil cartridge. Screw back onto the battery.

STEP 3: Turn on the vape pen.

STEP 4: Adjust the heat.

STEP 5: Press and hold the button and inhale.

These are directions for standard vape pens or e-cigarettes. Not all vape pens will have a button and will have an “auto draw” feature, and all you have to do is inhale.

CBD is not FDA approved.

These full spectrum distillate CBD cartridges (pictured above) offer 300 mg of active CBD distillate with naturally occurring terpenes. The coils are high grade as well and the CBD quality is top notch. Providing a great vaping solution.


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